Onboarding Link

Once you've set up your Master Agreement Template, you'll arrive on the Onboarding Setup screen.

Here you will find links to the setup guides (where you are now), your Master Agreement Template, Onboarding Link, and the tools for integrating BrokerCarrier into your website.

Note: The blue message at the top of the interface (above the "Onboarding Setup" headline) only appears the first time you visit this screen.

Onboarding Setup screen
Fig. 1 – The Onboarding Setup screen

Basic Setup Section

Under the Basic Setup section of the Onboarding Setup screen, you will find the link to edit your Master Agreement Template and your portable Onboarding Link.

Master Agreement Template

The Onboarding Setup screen displays the latest date on which your Master Agreement Template was updated. To edit your template, click the small Edit icon to the right of the date. This will bring you back to the Master Agreement Template editor.

Your link is the easiest and most portable way to bring carriers to your onboarding form. If you don't have a website, then it will be the primary way that you set up carriers. It is simply a web address that comprises https://brokercarrier.com/ followed by your 9-digit account number.

This link goes to a BrokerCarrier-hosted onboarding form, which makes it the ideal solution for brokers who don't have a company website. You can share this link everywhere – emails, texts, social media posts, forums, etc. Anywhere that you can post a link, you can send a carrier to your onboarding form.

If you have a website, then you're ready to use BrokerCarrier to its full potential with our Website Integration guide.