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Carrier onboarding form

Your carrier onboarding form is where a carrier is taken when they click your onboarding link. You have the ability to customize its look and feel in your dashboard.

Dashboard → Onboarding setup → Carrier onboarding form

Customize your form's look

When you first enter your Dashboard, go to Onboarding setup → Carrier onboarding form.

Here you will find options to upload your logo, choose a theme, and set your primary button color.

You can upload your logo in JPG, PNG, or WEBP formats. Your logo will be placed above your onboarding form and centered, and scaled to the appropriate size for the screen it's being displayed on.

Below that you'll find a preview of your form and the options to choose a theme and color. Be sure to choose a theme with a background color that suits your logo, and a primary color that matches a color in your logo if possible.
Preview image is scrollable

Once you've uploaded your logo and chosen your colors, scroll down and click Live Preview. You'll be prompted to save your changes and then taken to your live carrier onboarding form to see exactly what carriers will see when they onboard with you.