Onboard carriers directly on your website

You're only as good as your carrier network, so make it easy for carriers work with you.

Instead of sending a carrier packet and waiting for it to be returned, just send carriers to your website.

Your plan includes two powerful and complementary ways to recruit carriers:

  1. Your customized onboarding application1 is designed to integrate directly into your website, complete with your own custom fonts and colors. With this option, the carrier completes the entire onboarding process without ever leaving your company website.
  2. Your onboarding link can be used anywhere—emails, texts, LinkedIn and other social media pages, YouTube, etc. You can also add it to the main navigation menu of your website.

When a carrier clicks your onboarding link or visits the registration page on your website, they immediately begin the simple 3-5 minute process of onboarding with your brokerage.

Website Intergration / Onboarding Link Methods of Onboarding with BrokerCarrier

Company Information
First they complete their company profile: DOT number, docket (MC/FF/MX) number, SCAC, DUNS, legal name, and important points of contact. For intrastate-only carriers, we collect state registration information as well. For Canada-based carriers, we collect their CBSA carrier code and DOT number.

First two steps of the carrier onboarding process

Vehicles and Services
Next, we build a full report of the carrier's capabilities, including drivers, vehicles, certifications, and the specific freight hauling services they provide. Our profile builder is much more detailed than the carrier's FMCSA census record, including all major types of vehicles, equipment, and hauling services.

Third and fourth steps of the carrier onboarding process

Zones, Origins, and Backhauls
You need to know where your carriers operate, and BrokerCarrier gives you the complete picture. We build a thorough report of the carrier's operating zones, preferred origins, and backhaul needs, which you can then easily view and search with our powerful mapping and filtering tools.

Next two steps of the carrier onboarding process

Documents and Agreement Signing
And last but not least, they provide the required documents and sign your master carrier agreement.

We require at minimum their current Form W-9 (Form W-8BEN for Canada-based carriers), Operating Authority certificate, and Proof of Insurance coverage listing your brokerage as the certificate holder. Your master carrier agreement is fully editable within BrokerCarrier, enabling you to update and amend your terms at any time.

We provide 100% secure, private storage of the carrier's documents and your signed broker-carrier agreement in PDF format. You can view and download your documents any time, without ever having to search through emails again.

And that's that.
You'll receive a notification that a new carrier has joined your network. No emails, no faxes, and no missed calls—just results.

Final steps of the carrier onboarding process

Carrier Network Management

Now that you've seen how easy it is for carriers to onboard with you, let's see how easy it is to manage and engage your growing network with BrokerCarrier in our interactive product tour →.

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1 Available with Brokerage and Team plans. Installation and design customization services are available upon request.