How Our Email Alerts Make Your Job Easier

If you’ve used BrokerCarrier consistently for a few days, then you’ve noticed that we send you a lot of emails. Facilitating communication between freight brokers and their carrier networks is our main job, so we are a more communication-heavy service to use than most.

The particular emails that I’d like to go over in this blog post are the carrier onboarding notifications that are sent to both you and the carrier when they complete your onboarding application and sign your broker-carrier agreement.

Automated Carrier Screening and Vetting

In your BrokerCarrier Dashboard, you can set certain business requirements that carriers must meet in order to join your network. By default, we set these requirements to be:

  • Must have $1,000,000 auto liability/BIPD coverage
  • Must have $1,000,000 general commercial liability coverage
  • Must have $100,000 per-occurrence cargo coverage
  • Must upload DOT operating authority certificate for compliance
  • Carriers with broker authority are red-flagged

Additionally, we will automatically block carriers that are out of service or have excessive violations on record with the DOT. We also have first-hand data and our own criteria that we periodically use to purge undesirable carriers and block them from onboarding with you.

When a Carrier is Blocked from Onboarding

If a carrier has disqualifying issues and is prevented from onboarding with you, the emails that you and them receive will reflect that the application to join your network has been rejected. From the carrier’s perspective it will appear that they have completed your onboarding process and are waiting to hear back, but internally we have automatically placed them on your DNU list.

Email indicating that a carrier has been blocked from onboarding

You will receive an email indicating that a carrier tried to get set up with you but was rejected.

We list out the reasons for the application being rejected, including any disqualifying information on record with the DOT. Any issues that are automatic rejection criteria will be highlighted in red, while other issues that are not necessarily deal-breakers will be highlighted in gray.

Email notification informing a carrier that their application has been rejected

At the same time, the carrier will receive a short email notification informing them that they could not be approved to haul freight for you due to issues with their DOT authority, insurance coverage, or safety information provided by the FMCSA.

You will typically not encounter these undesirable carriers when you source capacity through our Load Announcements tool, but they are still out there stalking the load boards. We’ve put this process in place to stop them from wasting your time while you’re trying to get your freight covered.

When a Carrier Makes it to Your Pending List

The overwhelming majority of carriers that you will encounter on the BrokerCarrier platform are high-quality businesses that provide good service and performance. However, sometimes even these great carriers need a quick review before you book a load with them.

The most common reason for a review is the amounts of their insurance coverages. The DOT does not keep up-to-date data about carriers’ coverage amounts, and therefore the FMCSA data on insurance is usually not accurate. It is very common for a carrier that has all the necessary insurance coverages to be flagged for review because the FMCSA shows that they only have $750K of BIPD coverage.

In these cases, the carrier will be put on your Pending Carriers list for a quick review of their insurance certificate. If your compliance department requires the DOT operating authority certificate, that will be available for review as well.

As for email notifications, you will receive a message indicating that a qualified carrier has completed your onboarding application. In the example shown here, we have the common scenario I described above: This carrier has adequate insurance, but the FMCSA data is not accurate.

While it is an extra step, it only takes about 20-30 seconds to pull this carrier up in the Dashboard and look over their insurance certificate.

Meanwhile, the carrier will receive an email notification thanking them for joining your carrier network.

Also, unlike the email that went to the DNU carrier, this email notification will have a copy of your signed broker-carrier agreement attached to it for the carrier’s records.

Carrier Sales Should Be Easy

At BrokerCarrier, we firmly believe that the process of onboarding a qualified carrier for routine load coverage should be trivial. Our initial automated screening and notification system is your first line of defense against the carriers out there who would waste your time and harm your business.

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