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Your Dashboard is a quick overview of your account's current statistics, along with applications and resources. Any important alerts and updates will appear here.

Carrier Map

When a carrier builds their profile, they specify their operating zones, preferred origins, and backhaul needs. Your Carrier Map uses this information to help you keep track of your availability in each zone with sophisticated search and filter tools.

Carrier Map cont.

The Carrier Map also provides a powerful search and filter system for you to drill down through your carrier network by origins, capabilities, services, and more. For example, if you needed to find carriers out of Nevada who have flatbeds and offer drayage, that would just be a couple of clicks away.


You'll never need to go through the headache of sending mass emails again. When you need to put out important information to all of your carriers at once, our Announcements tool has you covered.

Onboarding Setup

The Onboarding Setup screen is the command center for your carrier onboarding experience. Your onboarding link can be used anywhere: emails, texts, social media, and your website. If you have a Brokerage or Team plan, you can also integrate the entire onboarding application directly into your website, complete with full design customization.

This also is where you set up your return URL, which is the page that a carrier gets sent to when they complete your onboarding process (normally a thank-you or resources page on your website), customize your design, and much more. BrokerCarrier puts you in full control of your carrier onboarding experience.

Screenshot depicts this screen as seen with a Team or Brokerage Plan.

Onboarded Carriers

In addition to the Carrier Map, BrokerCarrier also provides a powerful system for deep-searching your carriers by registration information, vehicles, services provided, and many more highly-detailed filters.

Your carrier network is divided into three main categories: Completed registrations, those that are missing information or documents, and your DNU list.

Onboarded Carriers cont.

When a carrier has completed most but not all of your onboarding process, you will find them in your Missing Info list. Most of these carriers only need to finish one more step in order to join your network, so it pays to go through this list and remind them.

Carrier Profile

The Carrier Profile screen is the complete dossier on a carrier: FMCSA / USDOT information, required documents, points of contact, vehicles, capabilities, services provided, and backhaul needs.

Never deal with lost documents, waiting on faxes, or searching through emails again. We securely store all required documents, including your signed master carrier agreement. If a carrier updates their W-9, insurance form, or any part of their company information, you have immediate access to that information right here.

Remind Carriers About Missing Info

If the carrier is missing any information from their registration with you, the missing items will be listed at the top of this screen for your review. Clicking the 'Remind' button will send an email reminder to the carrier to log in and complete the missing info.

Carrier Profile - Vehicles & Services

The second tab of the Carrier Profile screen shows the complete breakdown of the carrier's vehicles, capabilities, and services. This is up-to-the-minute information loaded from the carrier's BrokerCarrier profile, always reflecting the latest updates.

Carrier Profile - Zones & Backhauls

The third tab of the Carrier Profile screen gives a full report of the carrier's operating zones and backhaul needs. This is also up-to-the-minute information loaded directly from the carrier's BrokerCarrier profile.

Carrier Profile - Notes

You and your team can keep track of your dealings with a carrier through the carrier notes tool. You can make your carrier notes viewable only to you and your team, or you can share them publicly with all brokers on the BrokerCarrier platform.

Carrier Profile - Rating

You and your team can keep a running rating of a carrier through the Carrier Profile as well. Your rating is scored along with other freight brokers' ratings of this carrier, which is helpful information that is shared among brokers on the platform.

Carrier Profile - Actions

They can't all be winners. If the time comes to cut ties with a carrier, you can use the Actions panel to either put them on your DNU list or delete them from your network altogether.

Authorized Users

Brokerage, Team, and Essentials plans enable you to authorize multiple users for your BrokerCarrier account. Full information about roles and limits can be found in the user guide.

Screenshot represents the account administrator's view. Managers and Employees have different levels of access.

Account Settings

BrokerCarrier gives you full control of your account configuration and settings. When you're ready to upgrade your plan, or if you ever need to cancel, you can do either one right here with a single click.

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