Your Dashboard Has a Fresh New Look

Today we went live with a new, more informative interface for the Dashboard screen. You can now keep close track of your account limits, load announcements vs. loads covered, and carrier onboarding statistics with just a quick glance at your Dashboard. Our color-coded status messages make it easy for you to see where you need to make improvements in your carrier utilization, both all-time and in the current month.

Load Announcements – This Month

Previously, you had to go to the Load Announcements screen to see how many more load announcements you’ll be able to post in the current month. Moving this information to the Dashboard screen makes it much more accessible and convenient for users of all levels. When the status message underneath the tally turns red, that’s when you’ll know that your account is running low on Load Announcements for the current month. If you consistently run out of Load Announcements every month, then that’s a good sign that you’re ready to upgrade your plan.

Loads Covered – This Month

The purpose of the Load Announcements tool is to get you fast coverage with a great carrier on every load, so it’s important to close out your completed loads and give credit to the carriers that covered them. The more you use this feature, the better your carrier matches get. Keeping your Loads Covered percentage above 80% is the best way to get maximum value from your Load Announcements.

All-Time and Carrier Onboarding Metrics

The new Dashboard also displays your all-time total Load Announcements and your all-time Loads Covered percentage as a way for you to track the scope of your data in the BrokerCarrier system. As you use the tool consistently over time, your carrier matches and the application of your onboarding criteria become increasingly refined, saving you even more time and money with every Load Announcement you post.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the new Dashboard as we continue with our mission to always listen, always improve, and provide more value for the freight broker community every day.

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