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Join Us for Our Monthly Mastermind Webinar on November 9th!

We are back with another monthly Mastermind in November on Wednesday the 9th at 4:00pm CST, and we will be covering all things insurance and building a carrier database! We will be joined by our special guest, Cameron Pechia, who is the owner of Valley Trucking Insurance!

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Announcing Monthly Mastermind Webinars with The Freight Coach

We are thrilled to announce the first-ever monthly Mastermind Webinar for BrokerCarrier Members! Each month, we will host a freight broker coaching session with our Co-Founder and Head of Product, Chris Jolly, a.k.a. The Freight Coach. This month’s topic is: How Do You Find Customers?

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Relationships matter. How many times have you heard that said in this industry? Bull run on freight and the saying comes out as a way to make shippers feel good about price increases they’re about to take. Bear run happens and it’s something said to make carriers feel better about pricing concessions that are likely to happen.

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Blocking and Tackling

What do football terms have to do with freight? Not a whole lot when taken literally but they are representative of the core competencies all championship teams have in football. Taking care of the fundamentals will take care of you and your business. But just what are the fundamentals or things each part of the transportation process should ensure they’re covered?

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