Load Announcements

Get faster, better coverage with vetted carriers that you already know and maximize your carrier re-utilization.

Skip the load boards

The most effective way to build a strong carrier network is to re-utilize those carriers who do good work and keep them in the loop about loads on their preferred lanes. When you need to expand your network, you want to screen for the best-suited carriers as quickly as possible. Our Load Announcements tool does all of this for you.

Post a load announcement through BrokerCarrier.

Posting a load announcement on BrokerCarrier is just like posting on a load board, and you can do it through your Dashboard or via any TMS or app that integrates with our API.

We find the most effective carriers for you.

For every load announcement, we search our vast database to find carriers that match your load based on their lane histories and preferences, equipment, services, onboarding activitiy, and standing with other brokers.

Every dispatcher on the list gets an email alert.

You make back your entire monthly subscription on each and every load with our most powerful time-saving feature of all: We automatically email the dispatcher of every matched carrier with the full details of your load posting as well as a click-to-call button and your onboarding link.

Ready. Your load has been announced to the best-suited carriers.

Depending on your subscription plan, your Load Announcement email is sent to between 50 and 200 known, vetted carriers on the BrokerCarrier platform. If the carrier that you select hasn't onboarded with you before, they have your link in the email.

Select a carrier to cover the load. They have your onboarding link if they need it.
Step 1
Review the carrier's insurance and other details once they've onboarded with you.
Step 2
This carrier is now in your network and is ready to move freight for you and your customers.

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