Send a link, not a packet

Use your BrokerCarrier link to seamlessly onboard carriers and collect their required documents, insurance certificate, and signature on your broker-carrier agreement.

Works on all devices, anywhere you can share a link.

Get optimum load coverage

Our advanced load announcements feature matches every load with the best carriers in your network to get you timely, high-quality coverage every time.

Leave the load boards behind and build your best network.

Seamless TMS integrations

Our powerful API fully integrates with your TMS to enable maximum performance and efficiency for the desk-level carrier sales rep.

Ditch the spreadsheets and automate your carrier sales.

Powerful, easy-to-use features

Carrier Onboarding

You'll be onboarding carriers less than 10 minutes after you sign up. Just upload your logo, pick your colors, and set up your broker-carrier agreement. Ready.

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Load Announcements

With our easy load coverage tool, simply fill out a posting like you would on a load board and we'll smartly notify your best carriers about the load.

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Carrier Network Manager

We securely store your carrier documents and signed copies of your contract. If you ever need an insurance document or proof of a signature, we'll have it.

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Why use BrokerCarrier?


Be done with email attachments and lost documents. You send the carrier a link, they click it and onboard with you. Done. The whole process takes 5 minutes or less.

Faster load coverage

Before you hit the load boards, post a load announcement in your BrokerCarrier dashboard first. A carrier that you already work with could be ready to cover that load immediately.

Cost savings

Time is money, and you'll save a ton of it by automating your carrier network. With BrokerCarrier, you'll always get more bang for your buck than with any other carrier software.

Better carrier management

We keep your carrier network clean and organized by requiring all documents and important information up front. There will never be anything missing or out of place in your carrier records.


Rest assured that your carrier records are safe and secure with BrokerCarrier. All business documents, including W-9's and insurance certs, are private and protected within your dashboard.


Carriers like a broker who communicates and has loads available, and you can trust carriers who like doing business with you. Build your best network with BrokerCarrier.