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BrokerCarrier makes carrier sales easy for freight brokers. We help you find the right carrier for every load, quickly vet and onboard them without a carrier packet, and keep them in the loop about similar loads in the future.

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Capacity Management for the Modern Freight Broker

Streamline your carrier sales process, protect yourself from double brokers, and always get the best load coverage by reutilizing your trusted carrier network.

Load Announcements

No More Scrambling for Coverage

Save an hour on every load by sourcing your capacity with Load Announcements from BrokerCarrier. Instead of posting on load boards and exposing your customer's freight to fraudulent activity, we privately announce your load to a carefully matched set of vetted, high-performing carriers on our platform.

Simply fill out a standard load offer form, and we email it to the dispatcher of every matched carrier. There is no public exposure of your customer's freight and no opportunity for scammers to find you. You can also integrate BrokerCarrier Load Announcements into your TMS with our Loads API.

Carrier Onboarding

No More Carrier Packets or PDF's

Save hours and eliminate risk on every new carrier setup while protecting your business from double brokers with our automated carrier vetting, fraud detection, and effortless online onboarding process. Instead of sending a PDF carrier packet, just send a link to your onboarding form. We automatically screen carriers for red flags, vet them against your business requirements, and block bad actors from onboarding with you—all in 5 minutes or less.

The 99% of carriers who are good to go will thank you for making it so easy to join your carrier network. Also, all of your carrier data can be fully integrated into your TMS with our Carriers API.

Lane Intelligence

No More Lane & Carrier Spreadsheets

Reutilizing your trusted in-network carriers is the key to growing a freight brokerage, and you can put that task on autopilot with Lane Intelligence from BrokerCarrier. For any given load, the best carriers to notify are your in-network carriers who have covered that lane for you before, and that’s exactly what BrokerCarrier does for you.

You’ll never need another spreadsheet in order to keep up with your top-performing carriers on each lane. Our platform does it all for you, and the results get better every time you cover a load. Your BrokerCarrier lane coverage data is also available to your integrated TMS via our Lanes API.

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