Carrier Network Management

Your carriers are your partners, and your carrier network is your best asset. Use your capacity to the fullest with BrokerCarrier.

Carrier relationships done right

How many of your carriers have you worked with more than once? How many dispatchers' names do you know? When it comes to maximizing your carrier network, relationships matter. BrokerCarrier helps you keep in touch and do consistent business with your most valuable carrier partners.

Securely store documents and manage carrier records.

We securely store and maintain all of your carrier records, including signed copies of your broker-carrier agreement. All pertinent carrier information and points of contact are available right in your Dashboard or via API integration.

Control which carriers can see your load announcements.

Sometimes it just doesn't work out with a carrier, and we understand that all too well. If you do have to put a carrier on your DNU list, BrokerCarrier will hide your load announcements from them and not let them contact you through the platform.

Stay in contact. Communication is key in the logistics business.

You won't have to worry about carriers dropping off or points of contact going stale when your carriers are set up through BrokerCarrier. Your carrier network will hear from you on a consistent basis through your load announcements, and your star carriers will shine through in how they deliver. With BrokerCarrier, you truly will maximize your carrier network!

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