Carrier Onboarding

Save an hour on each carrier setup by switching to our effortless onboarding software. Most carriers will have your agreement signed in two minutes or less.

Send carriers a link, not a packet

By using BrokerCarrier instead of an emailed packet, you put your carrier setup process on autopilot and completely remove it from your workflow. The time savings on each and every load pays for your entire monthly subscription.

The carrier clicks through our quick onboarding process.

Most active carriers already have profiles in our comprehensive database, so they just click through a short series of verification steps. Once a carrier has onboarded with a broker on our platform, the process only takes about 60 seconds for them from then on.

We verify their information with the FMCSA as well as our own records.

Every carrier is checked against their current FMCSA data and known insurance information each time they onboard with a new broker. If there is a change that seems suspect, we'll catch it.

The carrier signs your agreement and you get an email alert.

Our all-online process is hands-off for the broker. You can expect to see your confirmation email just a few minutes after you send your link, and you'll have a PDF copy of your signed contract attached to it.

Done. Your new carrier is set up and ready for compliance review.

Your new carrier will now appear in your Carrier Network Manager. You have the opportunity to review every carrier for compliance with your standards.

Set up your broker-carrier agreement for carriers to digitally sign.
Step 1
Customize your onboarding form with your logo and chosen colors.
Step 2
All set! From now on, send carriers your BrokerCarrier link instead of a packet.

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