Carrier Vetting and Research

Save time, save money, and reduce risk in your carrier selection process with BrokerCarrier's automated vetting and screening.

Protect your business from fraud and avoid low-quality carriers

Get a complete risk profile on any carrier and stop fraud in its tracks with our powerful research tools. BrokerCarrier provides a full vetting report and uncovers hidden business connections for any DOT number, MC/FF/MX number, business name, address, phone, email, EIN, VIN, license plate, cargo profile, dispatcher, or lane.

Scammers, double brokers, identity thieves—They can't hide from BrokerCarrier.

We maintain extensive data on all active motor carriers in North America and will alert you the moment anything looks suspect. Whether you're simply researching a carrier or they have attempted to onboard with you, you will have a thorough risk report on them within seconds.

We verify every item of information, every time.

Every carrier is checked against their current FMCSA data and known insurance information each time they interact with our system. If there is a change that seems suspect or a new connection appears in their data, we'll catch it.

Every carrier is vetted in real-time automatically during onboarding.

When a carrier fills our your onboarding application, they are automatically run through our screening process to generate a risk profile report for you. We do this every time, even if it has only been minutes since that carrier last interacted with BrokerCarrier.

Compliance on Autopilot. No suspect carrier can get past you.

There's no more need for multiple carrier vetting and screening tools. There's no need for proprietary scores or opaque algrithms—only a simple, straight-forward compliance report that helps you make your onboarding decision in seconds instead of hours.

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