Lane Intelligence

Always have a clear picture of your network capacity and lane coverage with our automated business intelligence suite.

No more lane spreadsheets

Every time you use BrokerCarrier, our picture of your carrier network gets better and more precise. Our software eliminates the entire job of tracking which carriers cover which lanes or have which equipment, saving you time and money in the process.

Complete the process of announcing and covering a load.

When you've got coverage on a load, the next step is to mark it as 'covered' and specify the selected carrier. BrokerCarrier's ability to rapidly find your best-suited carriers gets better and better every time you use this feature.

Announce another load on that same lane or a nearby lane.

With our updated lane intelligence, we're able to notify a list of candidate carriers with the strongest similarity to the carriers who have covered this lane and load profile for you in the past.

Coverage on autopilot. Every load is easier to cover than the last.

You'll never go back to any other process after you've used BrokerCarrier to rapidly expand and enhance your carrier network while getting fast, top-quality coverage for every load you move.

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