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Join Us for Our Monthly Mastermind Webinar on November 9th!

We are back with another monthly Mastermind in November on Wednesday the 9th at 4:00pm CST, and we will be covering all things insurance and building a carrier database! We will be joined by our special guest, Cameron Pechia, who is the owner of Valley Trucking Insurance!

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How Our Email Alerts Make Your Job Easier

If you’ve used BrokerCarrier consistently for a few days, then you’ve noticed that we send you a lot of emails. Facilitating communication between freight brokers and their carrier networks is our main job, so we are a more communication-heavy service to use than most. The particular emails that I’d like to go over in this

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Announcing Monthly Mastermind Webinars with The Freight Coach

We are thrilled to announce the first-ever monthly Mastermind Webinar for BrokerCarrier Members! Each month, we will host a freight broker coaching session with our Co-Founder and Head of Product, Chris Jolly, a.k.a. The Freight Coach. This month’s topic is: How Do You Find Customers?

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Your Dashboard Has a Fresh New Look

Today we went live with a new, more informative interface for the Dashboard screen. You can now keep close track of your account limits, load announcements vs. loads covered, and carrier onboarding statistics with just a quick glance at your Dashboard. Our color-coded status messages make it easy for you to see where you need to make improvements in your carrier utilization, both all-time and in the current month when it counts most.

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