Carrier management has never been easier.

Seamlessly vet and onboard carriers, verify documents, and notify your growing network about every load – via Dashboard or API.

Carrier Vetting and Research

Get a complete risk profile on any carrier and stop fraud in its tracks with our powerful research tools. BrokerCarrier provides a full vetting report and uncovers hidden business connections for any DOT number, MC/FF/MX number, business name, address, phone, email, EIN, VIN, license plate, cargo profile, dispatcher, or lane.

There's no more need for multiple carrier vetting and screening tools. There's no need for proprietary scores or opaque algrithms—only a simple, straight-forward compliance report that helps you make your onboarding decision in seconds instead of hours.

Carrier Onboarding

Onboarding new carriers to get routine load coverage is one of the most costly and inefficient parts of your job. With BrokerCarrier, you'll never have to think about it again.

With our effortless online setup process, your carriers will never have to fill out a long packet again. They just click your BrokerCarrier link, provide their insurance certificate, and sign your agreement. BrokerCarrier handles the details of collecting and verifying information.

Carrier Network Management

Have you ever lost time and money because of a missing document or phantom email? You don't have to worry about that anymore with our Carrier Network Management platform.

We securely host all of your carrier documents – tax forms, insurance certificates, and PDF copies of your signed carrier agreements. You can easily access any document from your Dashboard or with a simple request to our API.

Load Announcements

Never lose out on capacity again with access to our vast network of carriers. Our Load Announcements tool matches every load with the most qualified carriers better than any load board or spot quoting tool ever could.

We save you an hour of work with every load by finding and notifiying the most effective carriers based on their recent lane and load history, performance and standing with other freight brokers, and their likely ability to deliver your freight on time and with care — all with the click of a button.

Robust Lane Intelligence

Ditch the spreadsheets and get immediate intelligence on your carrier network. BrokerCarrier gives you a clear picture of your coverage on a per-lane, making it easy for you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your capacity to deliver for your customers.

We maintain the full picture of your carrier network for you, so you'll never have to look up which carriers run which lanes for you again. Combined with our Load Announcements tool, Lane Intelligence by BrokerCarrier puts your load coverage on autopilot.

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