Carrier Onboarding

Effortlessly bring on new carriers by simply sending them a link. Our quick online onboarding app fully replaces your carrier packet and collects all the pertinent carrier information in 5 minutes or less:

  1. Authority info: Interstate/intrastate, DOT number, MC number, SCAC, etc.
  2. Required documents: W-9 or W-8BEN, DOT authority document, and current insurance certificate
  3. Business info: Legal name, address, primary phone, etc.
  4. Dispatcher info: Direct phone and email for dispatch, ELD information
  5. Payment info: Remittance address, accounting contact, factoring company info
  6. Freight services: Drayage, expedited, oversize/overweight, etc.
  7. Drivers & vehicles: How many drivers, tractors, dry vans, etc., covering all of the common equipment types
  8. Lane preferences: We ask for 3-5 preferred lanes from each carrier
  9. Agreement: The carrier digitally signs your agreement and we generate a timestamped PDF with signatures

You'll get an email alert that the carrier has signed your agreement. Then you simply verify the insurance certificate in your dashboard, and you're all set to work with your new carrier.

Load Announcements

Get faster, better coverage with carriers that you already know and trust. When you post a load announcement through BrokerCarrier or add a new load in your integrated TMS, we smartly match and notify the best carriers in your network. Carriers that meet the load requirements are ranked and sent priority load notifications. The ranked carriers include:

  1. Carriers who have covered the lane for you before
  2. Carriers who have picked up from the origin for you before
  3. Carriers who have the lane listed in their lane preferences
  4. Carriers who are located near the origin

This is the best possible group of carriers to choose from when you need quality coverage, and we send your load details to all of them at the click of a button. BrokerCarrier handles everything for you, so you'll never have to dig through spreadsheets of carrier info again.

Carrier Network Manager

Never worry about a missing document or lost email again.

Records protection and privacy
We securely store and maintain all of your carrier records, including signed copies of your broker-carrier agreement. You have everything available right here in your private dashboard:

If you ever need to prove that a carrier signed your agreement or provided a certain document, we'll have it right here.