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The secret to supercharged carrier sales is here, and it comes with the easiest setup and fastest return on your dollar in the history of freight software.

Our quick-start video below demonstrates the BrokerCarrier features that we cover in the first 10-15 minutes of your demo. We keep the remaining 20-30 minutes open to answer your questions about how BrokerCarrier can best fit into your operation and truly help you maximize your carrier network.

Source the Best Carriers with Our Load Announcements Tool

Posting a load announcement on BrokerCarrier is just like posting on a load board, and you can do it through your Dashboard or via any TMS or app that integrates with our API. For every load announcement, we search our vast database to find carriers that match your load based on their lane histories and preferences, equipment, services, onboarding activitiy, and standing with other brokers.

You make back your entire monthly subscription on each and every load with our most powerful time-saving feature of all: We automatically email the dispatcher of every matched carrier with the full details of your load posting as well as a click-to-call button and your onboarding link.

Onboard Carriers Effortlessly with Automatic Screening and Vetting

Most active carriers already have profiles in our comprehensive database, so they just click through a short series of verification steps, upload their documents, and sign your agreement. The whole process takes 30-60 seconds.

Every carrier is checked against their current FMCSA data and known insurance information each time they onboard with a new broker. If there is a change that seems suspect, we'll catch it. If a problem carrier tries to onboard with you, we'll send them straight to your DNU list.

Maximize Your Carrier Network

No more carrier packets.
No more lost or outdated records.
No more guessing about capacity.
No more scrambling for coverage.

You won't have to worry about carriers dropping off or points of contact going stale when your carriers are set up through BrokerCarrier. Your carrier network will hear from you on a consistent basis through your load announcements, and your star carriers will shine through in how they deliver.

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