API Documentation

  • Get your latest carriers
    Retrieve the names and details of your most recently onboarded carriers. For TMS integrators, this would be used to import your user’s carrier list into the roster / network overview screen of your application.
  • Get a carrier’s profile
    Retrieve the complete profile information of a particular carrier in your network, including the lanes they have covered for you. For TMS integrators, use this to import a carrier’s details and documents into your TMS before your user assigns a load to them.
  • Retrieve a carrier document
    Retrieve a carrier document (W-9 or W-8BEN, operating authority, insurance, signed contract PDF) for storage or display on your system. For TMS integrators, use this to enable your users to view their carriers’ documents from within your UI.
  • Set a carrier’s status
    Set a carrier’s usability status within your network. For TMS integrators, use this to let your users add and remove carriers from their DNU list. DNU carriers do not receive load notifications.
  • Post a load announcement
    Post a load announcement to your BrokerCarrier account and send email notifications to the relevant carrier dispatchers. For TMS integrators, use this endpoint to add our load announcements feature to your software.
  • Mark a load as covered
    Mark a load announcement as covered and keep track of which carrier covered it. For TMS integrators, call this endpoint when your user closes out a load in your software.
  • Get a load notification list
    Get a list of the carriers that were notified about a particular load announcement. This can be a load that was posted from within BrokerCarrier or from your TMS.
  • Get your load announcement quota
    Get the number of load announcements that you have posted in the current month and the number remaining, according to your subscription plan.
  • Get a lane coverage report
    Get a breakdown of which carriers have covered a particular lane for you. These carriers are the first to be notified when you post a load announcement for this lane.
  • Get a lane loads report
    Get a breakdown of loads that you have covered on a particular lane.

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