API Documentation

Your BrokerCarrier account comes with full access to our feature-rich API, which enables you to use your BrokerCarrier data from any TMS or integrated app. Whether you use a cloud-based TMS or have developed your own, our API can seamlessly integrate your real-time carrier network data into your main business software.

Carriers API

GET /v3/carriers/refresh/list Load all of your carriers into your TMS or integrated app, starting from a specified onboarding date.

GET /v3/carriers/fetch/profile Fetch the complete profile information of a single carrier for import into your TMS or integrated app.

GET /v3/carriers/fetch/document Fetch a carrier document for view or download (insurance, W-9, DOT authority, signed contract, etc).

POST /v3/carriers/set/status Set a carrier's in-network status to either 'Approved' or 'DNU', which determines whether or not they will receive your load announcements.

Loads API

POST /v3/loads/post/announcement Post a load announcement from your TMS or integrated app, and fetch the list of carriers that are notified about the load.

POST /v3/loads/mark/covered Close out a load announcement by specifying which carrier covered the load. This improves the effectiveness of automated carrier matching for your lanes.

GET /v3/loads/fetch/details Fetch the complete details of a load announcment, including the list of carriers that were notified.

GET /v3/loads/fetch/notified/carriers Fetch just the list of carriers that were notified about a load announcement, rather than its complete details.

GET /v3/loads/check/quota Check your account load announcement quota for the current month. This number is determined by your subscription plan.

Lanes API

GET /v3/lanes/fetch/list Fetch the complete list of lanes on which you have announced loads, including information about those load announcements.

GET /v3/lanes/fetch/coverage/report Fetch the complete details of a particular lane, including your load announcment history on both the specific lane and nearby similar lanes.

GET /v3/lanes/fetch/breakdown Quickly fetch the GIS information and road distance of a lane formed by any two valid zip codes.

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