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Carrier Lookup / Quick Vet

Get a quick risk profile on any active carrier and reduce your exposure to fraud by using our Quick Vet tool. This free tool provides an abridged vetting report and uncovers hidden business connections for any DOT number, MC/FF/MX number, business name, address, phone, email, EIN, or VIN.

While this is not the fully-featured screening and vetting system that you get with a BrokerCarrier membership, it is more than adequate to quickly screen a carrier and see if there is anything glaring that wouldn't pass your compliance protocol.

API Documentation

Your BrokerCarrier account comes with full access to our feature-rich API, which enables you to use your BrokerCarrier data from any TMS or integrated app. Whether you use a cloud-based TMS or have developed your own, our API can seamlessly integrate your real-time carrier network data into your main business software.

Knowledge Base

We publish helpful articles related to carrier vetting, screening, onboarding, and the use of BrokerCarrier's features in our Knowledge Base section.

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