API V4 – Load a Lane Coverage Report

The /v4/lanes/load/coverage/report/ endpoint lets you retrieve the complete index of carriers who cover a particular lane, either by specified preference or past performance.

HTTP Request

Method URL
GET https://api.brokercarrier.com/v4/lanes/load/coverage/report

Required Parameters

Name Type Value(s)
zips string Comma separated list of zip codes. Use only 5-digit zip codes for the US, and only 3-character postal codes for Canada.

Example Response

Request: https://api.brokercarrier.com/v4/lanes/load/coverage/report?zips=89503,53558

The example response below shows a list containing five carriers. Your real API calls will return much larger responses than this.

        "business_name": "BLB CARRIERS LLC",
        "dot_number": "4014145",
        "email": "dispatch@blbcarriers.com",
        "onboarded": "2024-02-01",
        "phone": "8324474034"
        "business_name": "HERNANDAZO TRUCKING LLC",
        "dot_number": "3478419",
        "email": "hernandazotrucking@gmail.com",
        "onboarded": "2023-12-28",
        "phone": "2146006557"
        "business_name": "HAZEL'S HOTSHOT INC",
        "dot_number": "213831",
        "email": "loads@hazels.com",
        "onboarded": "2023-12-20",
        "phone": "8172712487"
        "business_name": "LIGHTNING TRUCKING LLC",
        "dot_number": "3758111",
        "email": "ak@ltds.co",
        "onboarded": "2023-12-11",
        "phone": "5054205057"
        "business_name": "ANTHONY LEONARD RANDALL",
        "dot_number": "3095992",
        "email": "arandall@randalltruckline.com",
        "onboarded": "2023-11-23",
        "phone": "8327597640"