API V4 – Load a Lane’s Map Data

The /v4/lanes/load/map/data/ endpoint lets you retrieve the map rendering data for a particular lane, including the encoded polyline.

Notes on this endpoint:

  1. Authentication via header. To authenticate your API call, pass in your public API key with the X-Api-Key HTTP header.

HTTP Request

Method URL
GET https://api.brokercarrier.com/v4/lanes/load/map/data

Required Parameters

Name Type Value(s)
zips string Comma separated list of zip codes. Use only 5-digit zip codes for the US, and only 3-character postal codes for Canada.

Example Response

Request: https://api.brokercarrier.com/v4/lanes/load/map/data?zips=46910,89431

The example response below shows truncated data. The enc_polyline field in your real API calls will be significantly longer than the truncated example below.

    "distance": 2026.52,
    "duration": 1842.85,
    "enc_polyline": "y`ygmAr{lbcDl@nWVxKh@zUl@pWNdHxBr`Af@vTn@vSNbMNxZeAra@wCj`@eEzf@}XzbCqIbu...",
    "zips": [
            "address_form": "AKRON, IN 46910",
            "lat": "41.0389",
            "lng": "-86.0395",
            "postal_code": "46910"
            "address_form": "SPARKS, NV 89431",
            "lat": "39.5473",
            "lng": "-119.7556",
            "postal_code": "89431"