API V4 – Post a Load Announcement

The /v4/loads/post/announcement endpoint lets you send a load offer email to 50-200 qualified carriers in the BrokerCarrier capacity database.

Notes on this endpoint:

  1. Authentication via header. To authenticate your API call, pass in your public API key with the X-Api-Key HTTP header.

HTTP Request

Method URL
POST https://api.brokercarrier.com/v4/loads/post/announcement

Required Parameters

Name Type Value(s)
contact_name string The posting broker's name
contact_phone string The posting broker's phone number
contact_email string The posting broker's email address
load_type string One of: full, ltl, drayage
equipment string Comma separated list containing one or more of: box_truck, cargo_van, conestoga, drop_deck, dry_van, expandable_drop_deck, expandable_rgn, flatbed, hot_shot, lowboy, power_only, reefer, rgn, sprinter_van
stops string Comma-separated list of at least two stops described as zip_code|earliest_date|latest_date|type.
• The type must be one of: pickup, drop, both.
• The earliest_date is the beginning of the pickup/delivery window, and the latest_date is the end. Both should be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.

Complete example: 89503|2024-01-02|2024-01-03|pickup,53558|2024-01-06|2024-01-07|drop

Optional Parameters

Name Type Value(s)
contact_phone_ext String The posting broker's extension
services String Comma separated list containing one or more of: expedited, hazmat, oversize, overweight, pallet_exchange, tarp, team_job
rate String Example: 3250.00
weight String Weight in lb, e.g. 32400
length String Length in ft, e.g. 48
width String Width in ft, e.g. 7.5
height String Height in ft, e.g. 6.25
commodity String A short description of the commodity
notes String Any special requirements, such as needing more cargo insurance

Example Response

This endpoint will return a either an error message or a short success message that displays the generated load announcement number.

        "load_number": "57Q35275-HSDF763TNIULEHTP0"