How-To’s and Tutorials

  • Getting Started
    Use this handy guide to get your BrokerCarrier account up and running in about 10 minutes.
  • Broker-Carrier Agreement
    Learn how to enter your broker-carrier agreement into our system and set it up for carriers to electronically sign.
  • Carrier Registration Form
    See how to add your logo and customize the colors of your carrier onboarding application, exactly as carriers will see it.
  • Carrier Network Manager
    Take a tour of your carrier network screen and learn the basic network management tools available in your Dashboard.
  • Carrier Details
    The complete details of each carrier in your network are available to your in your Dashboard, and can be retrieved from your account via our API.
  • Carrier Statuses
    See how to manage carrier statuses, including placing a carrier on your DNU list in order to stop them from getting your load announcements.
  • Load Announcements
    The key to getting the most out of your BrokerCarrier account is to post load announcements and enter the carriers that cover them. Take a quick tour of the most powerful screen in your Dashboard.
  • Posting a Load Announcement
    If you’ve posted on a load board, then you already know how to post a load announcement on BrokerCarrier. It only takes 60-90 seconds even for complex load requirements.
  • Lane Histories
    You can always review which carriers are covering which lanes for you and get a clear picture of how your load announcements are shaping your carrier network.
  • Authorized Users
    Our Essentials, Team, and Brokerage plans enable you to have multiple users on your account with varying privileges.
  • Managing Users
    Learn how to add and remove authorized users from your BrokerCarrier account.

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